Only 6 people per class

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Macaron class in Paris

Experience the ultimate macaron class in Paris with our professional pastry chef-led course. With a studious yet fun atmosphere & limited to just 6 participants, our class is the perfect opportunity to master the Italian meringue technique & create perfect macarons every time.

croissant making class paris

Croissant class in Paris

Join our croissant class in Paris and bring home the tastiest of souvenirs-the technique for making buttery croissants. One of the top doughs in French pastry, many French people have yet to mastered!

bicolor croissant class paris - 2

Bicolor Croissant class in Paris

Two-tone croissants are not just simple pastries, but a complete sensory experience. The perfect blend of crispness, lightness and two colors makes each bite an unforgettable taste journey. Thet are the perfect embodiment of the art of pastry-making, where technique and creativity meet.

gluten free french pastry class paris

Boutique-style Pastry class

Step into the world of exquisite French Pastries in Paris. Immerse yourself in a journey of technical prowess & creative indulgence, where we’ll dive into crafting delectable delights worthy of a boutique display.

french tart making class paris

French tart class in Paris

Immerse yourself in a 3 hours odyssey dedicated entirely to the enchanting world of French Tartes, few steps away from Montmartre. An experience that promises to delight your senses and elevate your culinary prowess!


Eclair & Choux Pastry

Join our exclusive 6-participant course in Paris and master the art of French éclairs and choux pastry with a professional pastry Chef. Our fun & studious course will help you learn the right techniques to ensure your éclairs turn out perfect every time.