French puff pastry – Le Mille-feuilles


MILLE-FEUILLE also known as classic French Napoleon
French puff pastry class in english

This is the most flakiness dough of French pâtisserie. To make superior puff pastry, with lightness and a flaky texture, it is necessary to use butter of the highest possible quality. With puff pastry, you can make Napoleons with classic pastry cream, crispy, buttery Twelfth Night Cake, apple turnovers, palm leaves and more.

In this 3-hours course you’ll learn and perform each step in making the perfect Mille-Feuille, major dessert of the French gastronomy.

The Mille-Feuille is a traditional and popular French pastry that can be found in any bakery in France. Mille-Feuille actually translates into “a thousand leaves”, referring to the innumerable layers of the puff pastry dough used to make it. It is filled with two layers of the thick and rich vanilla “Crème Pâtissière” cream, the most outrageously decadent cream you will ever eat.

When it’s time to taste your creations, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without a delicacy so flaky, crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and your Napoleon will be worthy of a crown.

Techniques :
– Detrempe : Mixing of the ingrediants
– Beurrage : Adding butter to the dough
– Tourer : Creating turns in the dough
– Feuilleter: Enclosing folding and rolling the butter and dough.
– Abaisser: Rolling out a sheet of pastry dough
– Rayer: Scoring indentations with a paring knife.

Note: Children over the age of 17 are welcome to join the puff pastry class. It is critically important for your child to enjoy pastry-making and be willing to engage in it for 3 hours. Those students older than 17, but still considered minors, must be accompanied by an adult registered for the class. We won’t allow a child non-accompanied by a registered adult to join the class.

Note: Layered dough requires a lot of prep time, preferably starting the day before. The time requirement and technicalities are what make croissants so demanding. Therefore, we will be doing the prep work for certain stages to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your Viennoiseries at the end of the course. You’ll still work these stages during the course.

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