Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In accordance with government regulations, from 1 August 2021, guests aged 13 years and over may be required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours. If you do not provide proof (in the form of a vaccination card or otherwise), you will not be allowed to participate in your experience and your booking may be treated as a last minute, non-refundable cancellation.
– All students will be asked to come wearing face masks which they are required to wear during class and while making their way around the school. It is advised that hand-washing should be done every 30 minutes. You will of course, not be required to wear your mask while eating.
– Hand sanitizer gel will be available upon entering the school.

Pâtisserie à la Carte provides pastry-making courses, gifts and subscriptions for individuals and companies. The content, location, dates and schedules for the courses, as well as all prices, are posted on the company’s website, www.patisserie alacarte.com. The company’s products and services are provided in accordance with the number of places or amount of stock available and in accordance with the conditions described in Article 2 of the General Conditions of Sale.
The Client acknowledges that he or she is aware of the provisions below before placing an order for our Services. By registering for a course, the Client unconditionally accepts these General Conditions of Sale.

Registration for a cooking class is completed via the Pâtisserie à la Carte website, subject to the number of places available.
Pâtisserie à la Carte reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the client’s identity and address are not exact.
Prices for courses, gifts and subscriptions are expressed in Euros and include VAT and all other applicable taxes. The final billed price is that which is indicated on the Pâtisserie à la Carte website when placing an order online.
All orders imply acceptance of the prices and the description of the products and services available for sale. The confirmation of an order implies the acceptance of these General Conditions of sale. In accordance with the French Civil Code, the validation of an order is equivalent to a signature and implies the acceptance of the completed transaction.
Orders are payable with a bank check denominated in Euros, made out to QJEP, and drawn on a bank located in France or Monaco, with a bank card (CB, Visa, Eurocard/MasterCard), or any means of payment accepted by the online payment system of the beneficiary banking establishment.
Orders will be validated by Pâtisserie à la Carte only when the banking transaction is authorized by the server. For payments by check, orders will not be processed until payment is received and are subject to the number of places available.
Gifts are valid for 6 months; subscriptions are valid for 12 months.  The course descriptions are presented on the Pâtisserie à la Carte website.  Gifts and subscriptions are only valid for the course description appearing on the gift or subscription in question. No requests for refunds will be accepted.

A reservation, once it is paid for, is equivalent to an order. It must be cancelled at least 7 days before the start of a reserved course. A non-showing or a late cancellation is non-refundable.
A reservation for a “Training Week”, once it is paid for, is equivalent to an order. It must be cancelled at least 20 days before the start of a reserved course. A non-showing or a late cancellation is non-refundable.

The personal information that Pâtisserie à la Carte asks the user to provide is reserved for its use only. The information that is collected will be kept confidential.
In accordance with the «Information Technology and Freedoms» Act of January 6, 1978 (amended in 2004), the client benefits from a right to access and correct his or her personal information, which he or she may exercise by writing to Pâtisserie à la Carte – 9 rue Thimmonier – 75009 Paris. The client may also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of his or her personal information. Please attach to your letter a copy of your national identity card or passport for identification purposes. This automated processing of data, particularly the management of e-mail addresses, has been subjected to a declaration to the CNIL (declaration no. 1696823).
The Chef or the tour guide might take pictures of the participants during classes and food tours to use on our website or Facebook, Instagram or Google+ pages. If you disagree and refuse to appear, please specify it by e-mail [email protected]

Pâtisserie à la Carte reserves the right to change the content of its courses and, in particular, its recipes, in the event of problems with market supply or problems with suppliers.
Our classes are hands-on, but for certain types of preparations, the participant may be working in a group of 2.  They may also simply observe the demonstrations of our chef. Pâtisserie à la Carte reserves the right to postpone or cancel a course in the event of the unavailability of an instructor or if the number of participants is insufficient, a minimum of 3 people for the regular classes and 2 people for the Training Week program is required (in which case the client will be informed as soon as possible). If a course cannot be postponed to a date that is convenient for the client, the full amount paid for the course will be refunded.
Pâtisserie à la Carte may not be held responsible for the results obtained by the client in relation to making a product prepared in a course, or for any possible harm caused by the client’s consumption of the product during a course or away from the premises of a course.
All reproductions of a recipe at the end of a course are the responsibility of the client. Pâtisserie à la Carte may not be held responsible for any results not achieved for the reason that they were proposed during a course.
Pâtisserie à la Carte may not be held responsible for harm caused to the person of the client or for damage caused to his goods or personal effects during a course, and for this reason the client hereby acknowledges that he or she has purchased the necessary insurance coverage. Pastry-making courses involve the client’s active participation. The client agrees, therefore, to abide by the cleanliness and safety instructions given by the Chef during the course.
After 5 minutes of delay we shall begin the course without the late client. After 15 minutes without anybody showing of, the class will automatically be cancelled.
Children over the age of 13 for the french pastry, eclair and macaron class are welcome.
Children over the age of 17 for the croissant and the puff pastry classes are welcome.It is critically important for your child to enjoy pastry-making and be willing to engage in it for 2 or 3 hours.
Those students older than 13, but still considered minors, must be accompanied by an adult registered for the class. We won’t allow a child non-accompanied by a registered adult to join the class.

These General  Conditions of Sale are subject to the application of French law. If an amicable resolution cannot be established for any dispute arising from this contractual relationship, the parties hereby agree to assign jurisdiction to the Court of Commerce of Paris.