Paris Workshop

Our neighbourhood, the true heart of Paris
SoPi neighbourhood and the Rochechouart quarter have a commercial side as well as a leisure side. You can dine at charming restaurants, go shopping in typical Parisian boutiques, or simply stroll along and admire the many well-preserved examples of 19th century architecture.

Our workshop at the heart of culinary secrets
We have meticulously arranged the studio layout to provide you with a large, pleasant, and comfortable space that fosters creativity and productivity. The open and airy design ensures that you will have ample room to move freely and work efficiently. Our state-of-the-art kitchen is equipped with all the necessary materials and modern appliances, allowing you to prepare and create without any hassle. 

Each participant will find everything they need at their fingertips, from high-quality utensils to specialized equipment, ensuring that everyone can work under the best possible conditions. There will be no need to wait in line as the space has been thoughtfully organized to accommodate multiple users simultaneously. 

This way, you can focus entirely on your tasks, collaborate seamlessly with others, and make the most of your time in our well-appointed studio.

Our street is named after Barthélémy Thimonnier (1793-1857)
The tailor who invented the sewing machine. Built between 1895 and 1896, it presents, together with Rue Lentonnet, a remarkable architectural unit that is typical of the end of the 19th century, unaffected by monotony and bursting with originality.

The buildings were constructed by various renowned Parisian architects.  Don’t miss the façades of the following buildings: no. 2, constructed by P. Lobrot (1896); no. 3, by Georges Farcy (1896); nos. 4, 5, 6 and 7, by P. Dureau and Emile Orieme (1897 and 1898), and no. 9, by M. Moreau (1895).