Croissants and breakfast pastries class

Le Croissant & traditional breakfast pastries class in english

Bring home the tastiest of souvenirs: the technique for making buttery croissants, something that not even many French people have mastered! Croissants were once made from plain old ordinary bread dough ; nowadays, they are made from pâte feuilletée levée (layered yeast-leavened dough).  It is surely one of the most technical dough in French pâtisserie.

After 3 hours spent with our chef, you will have acquired the know-how to make croissants that are light, crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside. You’ll learn and perform each step in making classic butter croissants and croissants with almonds, but you’ll also learn how to make pain au chocolat (chocolate-filled croissants), pain aux raisins (raisin croissants) with pastry cream, and other variations on the croissant that are as delicious as they are unexpected.

– Détrempe: mixture of flour, water, salt, butter, yeast, used in the preparation of croissant.
– Beurrage: to add butter to the dough that is called « pâton ».
– Paton: the block of croissant dough after the butter has been folded into the detrempe to form an envelope.
– Tourer: to give turns to the croissant dough (pâton) by rolling the dough and folding it.
– Feuilleter (to make into leaves): enclosing the butter in a layer of dough and folding and rolling the dough to form thin layers or « leaves ».
– Abaisser ( to roll out): to roll out a sheet of pastry dough to the desire thickness with a rolling pin, before cutting and shaping it.
– Suivre la Pousse (the fermentation and the rising): the expansion of the fermented dough caused by the yeast during the rising.

Note: The minimum age requirement for the croissant class is 17.
We will not accept children under the age of 17, and we will make no exceptions. Those 17 yo students, still considered minors, must be accompanied by an adult registered for the class.

Note: Layered yeast-leavened dough requires a lot of prep time, preferably starting the day before. The time requirement and technicalities are what make croissants so demanding. Therefore, we will be doing the prep work for certain stages to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your Viennoiseries at the end of the course. You’ll still work these stages during the course.

Price : 95€.

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