Amazing and fun cooking class.
The instructor guided the class and corrected you whenever something goes wrong. I took the croissant and macaron class and it ended up looking perfect. Highly recommend if you’re curious about baking. He also gave me tips and where to go buy equipment and ingredients to bring back to the states.
Lily K – October 2023

Had a very good time here!
I took 2 baking lessons. So much fun and I learned a lot! I recommend 100%!
Michèle Caron – October 2023

***** Google
My family took a cooking class and we had a wonderful experience. I highly recommend!!
JB Blue – October 2023

One of the best experiences ever!
Our Chef was a superb tutor and we loved how hands on the class was! We also had enough croissants to take away that we didn’t buy anymore for our whole trip!! Very good value for money!
Sian Noble-Campbell – September 2023

Perfect French macarons
Our family did a macaron class with Chef James and loved it. He gave us all the tips and tricks to make beautiful macarons that are just as perfect as the ones we buy in the shops. We couldn’t believe we made them this good ourselves! Our kids LOVE baking and we went as a family of 4 with 2 children and Chef James was attentive to everyone including the kids. There was another fun couple in the class so it was a total of 6 which is their maximum amount of people per class so we all got lots of attention. The class was really hands on so we made the macarons ourselves from start to finish with the chefs expert instruction and guidance.
Our Chef gave us each a cute little pastry box to pack our macarons and each person left with a box of 15 macarons and a recipe sheet with instructions.
The kitchen was spotlessly clean and cosy and the Chef is very professional and fun and even showed us the best way to photograph macarons at the end which our kids immediately put on Instagram.
We were offered tea and coffee while the macarons were baking.
If you’re looking for French patisserie class in Paris this is the one to take.
T.t.a, New York City – Aug 2023

This class was amazing!
My pastry chef was James and I absolutely loved how patient he was with everyone and his kindness. I am studying about the history and what the croissant means to Parisians and tourists, so I asked him for an interview, and he was gladly delighted to help me! I will definitely be recommending this place to everyone I know!
Abbie Bui – June 2023

***** Google
I had wanted to take the croissant making class for a long time. I ultimately decided to take that class and the croissant making class on the same day. I enjoyed every minute of both classes. Our Chef was informative and entertaining. Our results were wonderful. Totally worth it. And and extra thanks to Séverine for helping me get signed up. Highly recommended.
Sj B. – June 2023

Magnificent macarons!
Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef guided us through the intricate process of making macarons. He was patient, knowledgeable and fun. All six of the participants made beautiful macarons thanks to his guidance. The small class size allowed for lots of individual attention. My eighteen year old son absolutely loved the class. Now I know why macarons are expensive! This multi-step process takes talent, patience and artistry. Chef Leo, this was the highlight of our 12 days in Paris!
Raleigh, North Carolina – April 2023

Highlight of our trip!
We thoroughly enjoyed a private macaron and ganache class with James, who himself is a world-class pastry chef. We learned a ton, had a lot of fun, and made the most delicious macarons any of us had ever tasted! Highly recommend. When we come back, we would love to take another class!
SP on TripAdvisor – April 2023

Great, MUST DO experience if visiting Paris!
Took a short trip to Paris for my 60th birthday and made a reservation at Patisserie a la Carte for a class on French macarons. It was a fabulous experience! The venue is located in the Montmartre section of Paris and super easy to get to by cab. The class was so organized and completely hands on for us. We learned the best techniques and each took home a box of our creations.
The cost was extremely reasonable, the registration process was seamless, the class started promptly as stated, and I learned so much. The kitchen was immaculate and the instructor was so friendly and helpful.
One of the best parts was meeting others in the class. We all enjoyed our time so much and I can’t wait to go back for other french pastry classes with my daughter.
Michele D – February 2023

Amazing croissant and pain au chocolate making class
So delicious and great to do a step by step course. Very fun too. thanks!
Imogen Holmes – February 2023

Very much enjoyed our croissant and breakfast pastry class
We loved that we got to experience every part of the process and appreciated the clear direction and explanations. The croissants we made were easily in the running for the best we had in Paris. Looking forward to trying it at home!
Sara Elise Overmyer – October 2022

We did the French Eclair and Choux Pastry Class
It was an amazing experience! The workshop is totally hands-on. We made everything from scratch (choux dough, pastry cream, stuffing and decoration). Our Chef was an awesome teacher and gave us lots of tricks to make the perfect eclair at home.
If you are looking for something different to do in Paris, this is a place to go. Louvre is good, Eiffel Tower is nice, but taking an eclair workshop in Paris is a must go!
Thanks chef! <3 <3
Sylvia Pereira – September 2022

My group had a fabulous time learning how to make Croissants and Pain Au Chocolate
The instructor was gracious and knowledgeable. Understand that the process is involved and exacting, and so not suitable for youngsters—so, parents, please select an age-appropriate class instead of trying to convince the instructor that your child is uniquely capable.
Karen Walker – April 2022

Perfect Class..Exceptional Chef (Best in Paris & Hands-On)
Julie was so wonderful, knowledgeable, professional and gave clear instructions/teachings during our full “hands-on” private class. I have had the experience of attending 10 cooking classes in Europe (Paris x3), USA and Asia. This was the best class of all of them! Most of us foodies deeply respect the genius of Chefs and want to learn a little by attending classes. The challenge is finding a class thats actually a class and not a cooking demonstration where you watch the Chef do all the work. Julie taught us and then let us do the work and it was outstanding. I will recommend Patisserie a la Carte Paris to all my friends in Europe and US.
WorldTraveler355, Venise, Italie – January 2019

Great experience! – May 2019
You get step by step instructions that are very easy to follow, you get to take your creations home and she gives you recipes so you can recreate it all. She was great at thinking about different flavors and combinations- a way to make each recipe your own. Loved! Would do it again in a heartbeat.
Sarah, Kenmore, Washington, United States

One Week of French Pastry Training! – April 2019
One week passed so quickly with Pastry Chef Julie that I could have taken a month to learn more. I had already taken four classes from her two years ago, so I knew she would do a great job in organizing and explaining everything, step by step. I was really at ease going through all the elements of each pastry with Julie, learning, taking lots of photos and notes, asking questions and making lots of different pastries. I couldn’t eat them all, so sharing them with a friend and the local fire station crew made it an even better experience. Julie knows a lot about the why’s and how’s of pastry production in a hotel setting as well as at Cordon Bleu as an assistant pastry instructor. It was well worth the time to take this course and my only recommendation would be for PALC to offer a two-week course, but who knows how rational a business decision that would make. If you take the training, take good notes to supplement the recipe booklet just because the details are important. One more factor is that there is a maximum of four students here, which means more personalized instruction. Oh, and she takes you on a productive and inspiring tour of several pastry baking supply shops with a stupendous range of products. I bought a lot of items, actually. And I got a discount because she was on the tour, representing PALC.
Istanbulvermont, Minsk, Biélorussie

Taste de Force – April 2019
Yum. What a fun, educational and tasty experience. We attended with our family and had an unforgettable morning class taught by Julie. We made croissant, pain at chocolat, and braided puff pastry. We hope to try at home, but something tells us it will never be as great a that morning in Paris…

Austin C, Princeton, New Jersey

***** Google – January 2019
Really enjoyed our croissant making class with Julie. She is knowledgeable, explains the process of making the pastry very well and this class is well suited to all levels! Definitely recommend if you want some context behind all the pastries you’ll be consuming in Paris!

Exceptional experience! – December 2018
I did the croissant and traditional breakfast pastry class with Julie. The class size was small and cozy, which means our experience was more interactive and informative.
I totally enjoyed the 3 hours spent wrestling with flour and butter, never would I wonder how I could make croissant from scratch without any baking experience and I did it!  Highly recommended for those interested in exploring Montmatre.
Chai Fen S,

***** Google – September 2018
Una tentación. Muy bueno todo y servicio excelente.

Lots of fun! – June 2018
My daughter is studying to be a pastry chef so where else would we go while in Paris but to a pastry cooking class? We learned how to make dough, pastry creams and prepare fondant glazes. We also took our baked creations w/ us so we have more eclairs than we can eat! Would go. ack to learn how to make other things for sure
Pamela M’s

Lots of fun and a cool experience – June 2018
What’s more French than a croissant!! Julie’s class was small, lots of fun and a really easy/ relaxed experience. Julie is so sweet, well knowledgeable and very patient. She was well organised and the class went so smoothly, with a great, friendly little group. We each made 4 buttered croissants and 4 pan chocolat, for which we were even able to take home after the class. Highly recommended.
Martin D, Brisbane, Australia

***** Google – May 2018
Chef Julie is amazing. She’s super talented and very passionate about sharing her knowledge with everyone. She also understands the science behind baking. As her result, the croissant class we took was incredible! We had fun making (and eating!!) croissants. Prioritize her class over touristy activities in Paris.
Akshay Thakker

Fabulous time learning to make eclairs – May 2018
We loved the time we spent with Julie learning how to make eclairs and courgettes. The class was a lot of fun. Julie was extremely helpful. She made sure that everyone in the class was able to successfully make the eclairs no matter what your skill level. She was very attentive and informative.
The class took approximately 3 hours and was hands on. You mix the pate choux dough and pipe it. Later you make the creme filling and then fill the eclairs followed by frosting them. Julie is there every step of the way guiding you. We would gladly take another baking class from Julie the next time we are in Paris.
Astrid B

***** Google – April 2018
This place offered a wide variety of pastries, all of different flavors. It really fascinated me how well all of the pastries were crafted and decorated, as well as how beautifully the interior of the cafe was designed. I found the decadent pastries amazing. They were just the right texture, had a lot of flavor, and were decorated and designed beautifully. I applaud the chefs who created such tasty artwork! The fillings of the pastries that I tried were all the perfect texture and were sweet, but not too sweet, and were also extremely flavorful. All of the flavors of these delicious pastries that I tried were amazing, and I could not choose one to declare my favorite. When visiting Paris, trying one of these pastries should be on the top of anyone’s list!
Ayla Kim

FANTASTIC Experience, new baking skills – January 2018
Booked this class from the States and looked forward to it our whole vacation in Paris. We were not disappointed. Julie, our instructor was wonderful- knowledgeable, patient and with a great command of English. It was a great family outing with my daughters and sister-in-law. Eager to try our new eclair making skills back home this weekend. Merci beaucoup for a great experience.
Debbie S

***** Google – January 2018
This will probably be one of the Paris memories my wife keeps longest. We loved the entire afternoon here. Such personal attention for this duration and at this skill level is a genuine pleasure. My wife is a champion pastry maker, published in several magazines, and she literally ‘ate up’ every moment. The instructor paced things expertly while ensuring the atmosphere stayed friendly and informative. Leaving felt like we were stepping out of a newly-made friend’s kitchen. Highly recommend and we are definitely looking forward to our next visit.
John Gross

Dessert class – December 2017
I had always thought madeleines were harrrrd to make not until i took this class, loved every minute and how hands on it was. Made paris worth while. Thanks to chef julie
Naima a
Perfecting macarons – December 2017
Awesome instruction by Julie on how to perfect your macaron technique 🙂 step-by-step working alongside & with others (no, she won’t let you mess up), class is in English & you leave with over a dozen yummy & perfect macarons. Half the price of other bakery classes and so much better – all products are handmade (unlike other macaron houses) and the recipes work perfectly at home. Highly recommendable. Oh, yeah … and it’s fun, too.
lieschentravels, Hamburg, Germany
Definitely recommended – December 2017
We booked the class last minute and on hindsight feel very lucky that we got a place. The kitchen and facilities were tidy and offered more than enough space. Learning from teacher/chef Julie was the best thing about the experience. She most definitely knows her stuff and was quick to help where needed. Generally, I’m less into baking and more into cooking meals, nonetheless I found the experience fun and was happy to take away what we’d learnt to make during the class. I would definitely recommend taking a class that Julie is running.
slim05, Milton Keynes, UK

“I will be back” – November 2017
Chef Julie is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher. She demonstrated every step very precisely, and then let us practice. She corrected us in a very positive tone–not what we were doing wrong, but how to do it correctly. She was also able to greatly expand other variations that we can try when we are more proficient! Excellent class!
Karen B

“Sehr interessant” – October 2017
Die Köchin war extrem gut vorbereitet und versteht wirklich etwas von ihrem Fach. Ich habe den Kurs mit meiner 11jährigen Tochter besucht. Außerdem haben 4 Amerikaner am Kurs teilgenommen.
Friedrun, Braunschweig Germany

“Wonderful experience!” – July 2017
Wonderful experience!
Estefania – Argentina

“Amazing” – July 2017
The class was very good, the teacher explained everything very clear and you really understand, also you are able to recreate them at your house!!!
Valentina – Colombia

“Great Experience.” – June 2017
Patisserie A la Carte is an excellent company, they have a great variety of classes, and unique memories to bring home from Paris.
Marina, Coburg Germany

Such a fun class ! – June 2017
I took the macaron class with Julie, and I’m so glad I did! The small group was so much fun. I was traveling solo, but the five outhers in the class were so much fun. Lots of laughs and a friendly atmosphere. Julie was a great instructor and it was amazing to see what we were able to produce! I had no idea Macarons were so involved- looking forward to trying at home. Only regret is not signing up for another of Julie’s classes- next time!
Mike, R

 I wanted to say how delightful our June 4th macaron class was – June 2017
It was one of the most special experiences on our trip. Your kitchen was such a happy place and no one felt intimidated by the teacher, the equipment nor the baking. It was such a fun experience we would love to return and take the other classes you offer. The fact that your class was less expensive then other cooking classes advertised initially brought me to your kitchen, it was a fair price for a class – but the class was worth much more than you charge. I can’t imagine anyone coming away not having a perfect afternoon cooking macarons!It was perfect!
Patricia, Sherman Oaks, CA

Macaron class with Julie – May 2017
Wonderful experience from start to finish. All email queries were promptly answered. The location is clean, easy to find and Julie is an excellent instructor. Everything is methodically organized-the sequence of activities, work area and instructions. Things are pre-weighed and that reduces the chance of error. So we will see if we can reproduce the same at home. Great activity to do with teens. Booking process is seamless. Recipe and notes are provided at the conclusion, plus 30 macarons which you bake. We made three different fillings. We misplaced the notes and those were promptly emailed to me by the manager.
IndianInNYC, New York

Fun croissant making class – May 2017
This was an awesome cloudy morning baking class–we had a great time making croissants and pastries. Julia, our instructor, was charming and informative, she had great tips and on how to perfect your puff pastry dough. She did a good job of keeping everything moving and keeping us on task with the cooking timeline. We left the class full of yummy bread. I would definitely take another class through them in the future.
Danielle M

Eclairkurs:hat super Spaß gemacht und am Schluß sehr lecker geschmeckt – May 2017
Der Eclairkurs war super! Jederzeit wieder!
Kathleen, Germany

Sehr schöner Kurs, mit einer sehr netten Lehrerin. – May 2017
Um eine schöne Erfahrung in einem fremden Land zu machen ist dies sehr zu empfehlen. Man bäckt etwas Traditionelles und kann auch noch etwas mit nach Hause nehmen. Auch mein backtechnisch unversierter Freund hatte großen Spass. Für Laien auch machbar da die Lehrerin aufpasst dass man keinen Fehler begeht. Sehr zu empfehlen. ^^
Johanna Maria, Germany

Second visit absolutely fantastic – April 2017
That was our second visit to Patisserie a la carte, we visited Paris 3 years ago my daugher who is 12 and myself, to keep her entertain i booked a patisserie course it was amazing and she really liked it. We visited again Paris recently and decided to go back and booked a Parisian Gourmet Treats FOOD TOUR. It was amazing, Virginie was great her Parisien accent made it entertaining, she showed how passionate she is about french pastry and Paris. We learned a lot, we both enjoyed and love french patisserie. We were spoiled, we even had chocolate testing it was out of this world, we also made baguettes, intricate cakes. I highly recommend it and already booked another course in the summer.
Virge A, Stevenage, UK

Sjov oplevelse – April 2017
Sjovt at lave de forskellige ting, vi fik mange sjove fif med hjem
Anne, Denmark

Fun and delicious! – janvier 2017
We made awesome croissants and pain au chocolat at this class and learnt a lot about French pastry! Julie was knowledgable and a great teacher. Will definitely be trying out my new skills at home!
imogen210… Perth, Australie

5 Stars – November 2016
If you are a home baker but daunted by pastry and french desserts, then this course is for you!! I enrolled for the training because it offered just the right variety of treats to learn which teach you several basics which can later enable you to experiment with tons of variations. From puff pastry, to croissants, to perfect tart doughs, biscuits, macarons, ganaches and pies and candies, this was a fabulous course rolled into one.
The instructors were a joy to be learning under, Severin with her mega watt smile and her expertise was amazing!! Julie with her young and energetic, yet experienced self was wonderful!! Can’t thank them enough for all the knowledge, tips and skills they shared. Can’t wait to practice. You leave this course with not just a recipe booklet, but tons of hands on information, code of conduct in a kitchen, a sense of patience, appreciation and respect for the pastry world that France is known for. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to learn the basics in Paris but can;t attend long programs at culinary schools, this course is perfect. I was very fortunate to experience a very multicultural class. Loads of fun and left with a heavy heart but a huge sense of achievement. Severin and Julie, you guys rock!!
Hiba R, Dusseldorf, Allemagne

The macaron class was one of the highlights of my trip to Paris! – December 2016
I was definitely intimidated by the idea of making macarons, but they make the class so accessible and fun. Julie was awesome and gave lots of helpful baking pointers along the way. Plus, I got to take home a dozen and a half macarons with a milk chocolate passion fruit ganache, which my friends and family absolutely loved. It was a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend.
Tony R, Boston, MA

No wonder the reviews are superb! – January 2017
I wanted to give my sister and niece a chance to do anything they wanted in Paris, and they chose the baguette/Fougasse class here at Patisserie a la Carte. I looked up their other classes, got interested, rebooked my flight, booked a hotel, and booked three more classes here with Julie, the chef. I was really happy with her sense of order, her clear and complete explanations and the choices of items we produced one step at a time. The time was well-spent, and I have already tried one of the items – Florentines – at home with a friend. Tomorrow, I will try two or three more for my colleagues. Julie is friendly and she even taught me a class when I was the only person who had signed up, something many companies won`t do.
Istanbulvermont, Minsk, Biélorussie

Awesome class! – December 2016
I took the crossiant and pan au chocolate class with Julie and it was great! She was flexible (end the class a couple minutes early so we could get to our next activity in time). You learn the intricacies of making pastries and she answers any questions you may have about baking other French treats!
Erica S

Taking the 5day week class, right now, this very cold and chilly week! Only 2 days down and I’m loving every second! I’ve learned so much. This is “must” for anyone who loves to bake or just loves to eat dessert. I love that Severine gives us all the science and why – not just the “how to” with ingredients and procedures. Flew 7500 miles just for this class and it’s worth every penny and so much more!!
Grace, Hawaii – November 2016

Clean , fun and love it – November 2016
Our teacher was awesome; she let us have fun and be creative . We are doing this again . Btw I took my 18 and 17 year old kids and they had a blast.
Adriana – Irvine, United States

Learnt so much from amazing Julie!!  – November 2016
I took the macaron class with 3 others and the croissant class which ended up being a private class with Julie. I learnt sooo much from Julie, she is amazing, so knowledgable and talented, and she shared so many secrets and so many great tips for more successful bakes that no book could ever show you!! It was really fun, the time went so quick, and the macarons and croissants turned out absolutely perfect and so delicious!!! I’ve since made macarons at home and they have improved so much since taking this class! I would highly recommend this for your trip to Paris, I’ve been to Paris several times and this will definitely be a highlight for me! When I come back next time I’ll be taking more classes here thank you Julie!!
Andrea S

“A wonderful experience” – Octobre 2016
i’ve attended a french pastry class with sevrene. She was fantastic. She taught and motivated me well. It was very hands on and i learnt a lot. She showed every single step and let me do it by my own. The recipes were simple and i am confident to to it again at home. Highly recommended. Even if you have no basic at all. Really worth for money. I hope to return for other classes soon.
Juliana R.

“Great experience!” – September 2016
We (my three daughters, Mother-in-law, and I) took the macaron class with Severine. She is fantastic; not only fun but informative and made the whole process doable. We had such a good time. I would definitely put this on your list of things to do in Paris.
Beth, Central Oregon, Oregon

“Great cooking class” – September 2016
My mom and I really enjoyed the croissant baking class. We learned a lot and they tasted amazing. It was easy to follow and very relaxed. I would recommend it. I’m trying to see when I could get back for one of the other classes.
Ruth-Ann S.

“Best Croissant Making Class and Pastry Chef in Paris!” – September 2016
Master Pastry Chef Severine provided fabulous hands on instruction in a delightful shop. Severine is professional, warm, and friendly and is a stickler for doing things correctly in order to produce a quality product …my kind of girl! I could not have imagined a more amazing way to spend a rainy Friday morning in Paris than learning how to make authentic croissants with Severine. Oh, by the way, the croissants and pain du chocolate were absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to make them for my family back home! I highly recommend this as a “must do” experience when in Paris.
Cher, Beavercreek, Ohio

“Terrific Hands-On Pastry Class” – August 2016
Taking a hands-on pastry course was a wonderful and romantic way to spend an afternoon in Paris. We were also fortunate that we were the only two people in the class that day and enjoyed the extra attention. Over the course of the afternoon we made creme caramel, layered sponge cake with pistachio cream, and florentins with chocolate glaze. Chef Severine did an outstanding job guiding us in kitchen. Our pastries turned out great!
A special Paris day would be to spend the morning at Sacre Coeur and Montmartre, and a class at the school in the afternoon.
SeattleRican, Seattle, Washington

“Perfect Class” – July 2016
My 12 1/2 year old daughter and I took a macaron-making class, and it was one of our favorite experiences from our trip to Paris! Over a period of 2 1/2 hours, we were guided through each step of the macaron-creating process. There were five of us in the class, and since we worked in pairs, I was glad to have signed up with a partner. The fifth person partnered with the instructor. My daughter loves to cook and bake, so she was very motivated and focused. Since the process is a long one, I would not recommend this for young children. The workshop is in Montmarte, and we were able to take the bus to get there. At the completion of the class, we each got a box to take home the macarons we made. We took advantage of the location and hiked up to Sacre Coeur. It was an uphill climb to the church (and then more stairs to the top of the dome), but it was something we wanted to see. I had read reviews about some aggressive behaviors toward tourists in this area, but we felt safe. We wished we could have stayed around longer to explore!
Resturantaholic, California

“This is a great opportunity! Don’t miss it if you are in Paris.” – June 2016
Almost everybody who ever had French pastries still dreams with them. You can find out how to make your own and impress your family and friends. You will need good ingredients PLUS the techniques that you can learn in a class. Today I made florentines, caramel custards (a la Francaise), plus a French mini cake like those I admire at the shop windows. The other day was croissants like you can only taste in France and I know that I can make them at home. Very happy customer!
Janelitamirta, Gilbert, Arizona

“Great class!” – Mars 2016
My daughter and I did 2 classes with Julie and we had an amazing time, she is wonderful and very professional, we had a wonderful experience and will definitely come again, it is truly a wonderful class to come and enjoy the experience and learn how to do French pastry, great work Julie! xx
CarmealDAmore, Rosebud, Australie

“Paris & Mararons” – June 2016
One of my favorite things from our trip! If you enjoy being in the kitchen at all, I would definitely recommend signing up for a class at Patisserie a la Carte! In two and a half hours we learned to make macarons and they turned out great! There were only 5 of us in our class and Chef Severine helped each group individually during the more complex portions. My husband is not much of a cook/baker and his macarons turned out perfect so you never know. Just give it a try if you have time! It’s probably a 20 minute walk to the Sacre Coeur which we visited after our class.
TravelingOSUCowgirl, Collinsville, Oklahoma

“Chef Severine was great and made our visit very enjoyable. Macaron anyone?” – June 2016
My wife booked for us to visit for a short course on how to make Macarons. Online booking was easy the week before we travelled. In fact when we arrived we were the only people booked so had a private course. Severine was lovely and made the course entertaining yet informative as the procedures in making macarons were at times complicated (in my view – non baker!). Severine must have been great as ours turned out fine with no cracks hooray! We would definitely recommend to couples or groups looking to do something a little different in Paris.
MossyCorn, Plymouth, Royaume-Uni

“Wonderful Class” – June 2016
We took a macaron class here last week while on our trip to Paris. We loved it and learned so many things. We can’t wait to try to make macarons when we get home. I would highly recommend this class. It was a great value, seeing as it was one of the cheapest macaron classes in Paris. After the class we walked up to Sacre Coeur and then down to the Louvre through Montmarte. It was a wonderful day in Paris.
Corina S

“Amazing experience with a trained Cordon Blue chef” – May 2016
My boyfriend and I made our way to Patisserie a la Carte on a rainy Sunday afternoon and was created with the smiles of Julie. She was very friendly and approachable from the first minute and continued throughout our class. We booked the Macaroon cooking class, and we ended up having a delightful private lesson. She upheld conversation, showed us her preparation skills and was very well knowledged. She took us through step by step so we could go back to Ontario and supply our friends and family with delicious macaroons. Julie was absolutely phenomenal and a visit to Paris would be void without a lesson from her and her partner.
Victoria W

“A super patisserie course” – May 2016
What a wonderful way to start our holiday in Paris. Our instructor from Patisserie a la carte was very pleasant and professional. I will definitely return to Patisserie a la carte on my next visit to Paris
EHA18, Tel Aviv, Israël

“Had a great time making macarons!” – April 2016
I loved this class. It ended up being me alone in the class and I was quite alright with that – one on one attention to master the skill! The instructor explained each step thoroughly and showed me how to tell if I was doing it right once I got home to try it myself. The macarons ended up being DELISH. Definitely a class I will forever remember. 🙂
ErikaSche, Dallas, Texas

“What a Fun French Experience!” – April 2016
I recently took two classes at this wonderful school, the croissant class and the macarons class. Both were expertly taught and loads of fun to do. Our cordon bleu instructor Julie was so well prepared and so kind and yet took all of us, even teens, through the process that allowed us to produce spectacular results with the confidence to go out and repeat in our own kitchens. I would return to Paris just to take these classes again.
Susankodi, Kodiak Island, Alaska

“Amazing Find on Trip Advisor” – April 2016
This was an excellent experience. My daughter (teenager), wife, and I learned how to make Macaroons! The class was for 6, the three of us and three of our friends. The chef, Julie is Cordon Bleu trained and incredibly patient with us. She was slow and encouraging. This cooking class is a small business and is not commercialized. Julie was selling herself and not products. I highly recommend Julie and this company.
Scott D

“Delicious and helpful” – April 2016
We were a family of 3 along with 3 business colleagues. Julie was our instructor who is Cordon Bleu educated. She was extremely patient and a wonderful instructor as well as funny. Our 11 year old loved it and can’t wait to make Macarons at home. I highly recommend for couples, families or for team building.
Jeanne D

“Informative, inclusive and fun!” – April 2016
We did the Macaron class one afternoon while on a recent trip to Paris. Severine is friendly and very knowledgable. She broke down every stage of the process so that the whole group (6 people) understood everything, and she was always on hand to help and monitor what we were doing. With her guidance we left with some very nice macarons and big smiles on our faces!
Cl4ir3, Andover, Royaume-Uni

“Macaroon class” – April 2016
Thoroughly enjoyed this class and recommend it to anyone wanting to know how to make macaroons. Very informative and got to do all the steps ourselves. Very clean and hygienic. Looking forward to eating my yummy treats tomorrow!
Fstabile, Mareeba, Australia

“Great Croissant Class!” – March 2016
My daughter and I had a great time taking the 2-hr Croissant class. The class was very well run and fun. It was easy to get to the class by metro, with just a little walk through the neighborhood to get to the class. The instructor was nice and was very good with her instructions. At the end of the class, we took home croissants and pain du chocolat which we enjoyed for the next couple of days with our coffee. Pro tip: there is a fabulous fromagerie on the way back to the metro, I highly recommend stopping in for some cheeses!
beezneez123, Philadelphia, USA

“The secrets of macarons!” – March 2016
My sister and I decided to learn how to make macarons whilst in Paris. We had a very interesting couple of hours learning the secrets of making these little, sweet delights. The process is very involved and precise but our teacher, Julie, explained and helped at every stage. She was patient and knowledgeable. The kitchen was modern, clean and well laid out. We came away with a box of macarons that we had made oursleves and were quite proud of the end product. If you’ve ever wondered how these delights are made book a class whilst it Paris, it’s worth the time and effort.
Jo M, Westcliff-on-Sea, UK

“French Pastry Class” – January 2016
My daughter and I enjoyed a morning French Pastry Class at the lovely Patisserie a la Carte. We were in a small group of 5 which provided the private lesson appeal. Our class was taught in English with very detailed instructions. Plenty of time was given during instructions, we were not rushed to finish, and delighted with the fruits of our labor, croissants and chocolate pastry. We will enjoy taking another class on our return to Paris!
Cheryl, Riverside, Californie

“Small Group French Pastry Class” – December 2015
We really enjoyed making several different French pastries under Severine’s expert guidance. The class was held in her small storefront (away from the tourists) with all the tools and ingredients we needed right at hand. She demonstrated the steps and also explained why she was having us cook things to a certain point or use a particular technique. My family enjoyed the beautiful and extremely tasty desserts for the next few days. We also have copies of the recipes that we made so we can try them again. This was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Paris and we’d love to do it again!
Chris D, Fountain Valley

“très chic, très yum!” – December, 2015
A friend and I decided to participate in two of Severine’s patteserie afternoons and boy was it fun! Both times a small group of about six engage in the process of making scrumptious delights that we then took to our respective hotels and engaged savouring the multitude of calories!
Severine is a most engaging and pleasant person who understands the intracaises of baking the best pastries in Paris. She gave us the recipes and secrets that only pastry chefs know and we all actually did the baking! It was such fun.
so… if you want a hands on, intimate experience of a little bit of Paris with a lot of sweet taste then do indulge yourself… its unforgettable. Couples, friends or solo…makes no difference. go on just book! Bon appetite.
Maria C, Greater Adelaide, Australie

“The highlight of our Paris stay!” – October 2015
My boyfriend and I took the Croissant class and it was so much fun. We ended up being the only two people in the class (which is rare) so it was such a wonderful experience. The instructors are friendly and helpful–when I could not stop yawning I was offered a fresh coffee, overall it was a great time spent in Paris. It was also a great way to speak with instructors about things happening in Paris, in their culinary world and to learn about all of the things that are changing in Paris in regards to them opening up more trade between the U.S. Don’t look any further–book a class now, you will NOT regret it.
ambermaec, Seattle, Etat de Washington

“Masterful instruction for the casual baker” – September 2015
I attended Severine’s croissant class with my teenage daughter. Severine’s commitment to her craft and to teaching made the class worth every minute of time taken away from the myriad of other options for the tourist. We learned some excellent skills and heard some fascinating stories. She makes sure you suceed and at the end of the class you get to keep your work. We have since made croissants at home twice, failing the first time but being incredibly successful the second. Thanks to her we have confidence to keep practicing! Taking this class in Paris from such a talented pastry chef provided us a great opportunity to learn more about french culture and skill. I will never take a flaky crust for granted again!
JacksonFish, Charlottesville, Virginie

“Fun, Casual, Informative Experience!”– June 2015
I attended one of Severine’s classes for macaron instruction, and it is one of my favorite memories of my time living in Paris! The studio space is lovely, and the very small class size is perfect for personalized instruction. She is a wonderful, kind, and humorous teacher, and I’d love to take another class with her one day. She definitely taught me the skills I need to make macarons on my own.
ktqatl, Atlanta, Georgia

“Simply Wonderful!” – August 14, 2014
Knowledgeable instructor, small group sizes, hands-on, and fun! One of the highlights of my visit. So glad I got to take the French Pastry class in Paris. Don’t wait- book early!!!!
Kayla, Toronto, Canada

“FABULOUS Class!” – August 3rd 2014
My wife and I attended Severine’s class on croissant and pan au chocolate in June 2014. This class was fabulous! My wife and I are avid amateur cooks/bakers so we have pretty high standards when it comes to a cooking class. Severine and the class she conducts did not disappoint. She was incredibly knowledgable and skilled to say the least. But most of all she is able to teach very well. Pastry is so very much more than following a set of steps. It is an art where touch, feel, and understanding both the tangible and intangible aspects of whats happening to the dough you are creating is critically important. Communicating that art is where Severine really excels as a teacher. She taught us things we could never get from a book, tips and tricks and things to watch for or avoid when making this challenging croissant pastry dough. We couldnt have been happier with how informative the class was. She takes a technically challenging topics and presents it in a way that is easy to understand and FUN to do! And then there is the end product. Imagine the thrill of tasting what you created and realizing with the first bite that “Wow, this is the best croissant Ive ever tasted and somehow I just made it!!!!!!!!” Its an amazing feeling, and then you quickly realize that you could never have done this before you were guided by Severine. Im not saying she makes them for you. You make them yourself, but she guides you and coaches you each step of the way. This is what makes this a great class, her personal instruction. Also, the classroom is well equipped and well organized. Class sizes are small which keep it very personal and fun. Our class had just one other couple and their daughter. Even ther daughter (maybe 12 years old) made beautiful pastry. A real testament to Severine’s skill as a pastry chef and teacher. Furthermore, Severine recommended we all try to make the pastry again in the next few weeks when we were back home. We took her advice and flew solo two weeks after taking her class. We gathered our recollections and her instructions and the notes we took in class and got to work. The result: success! We actually made beautiful croissants and pan au chocolate at home! We could have never done this before. But now we have learned the “art” from the “master”. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we asked about other classes that week. Well, we highly recommend Severine and her classes. Great teacher, great classroom setting, great classmates, and a great end result: delicious pastries! Thanks Severine!
Ron & Ronni, Charlotte, USA

“Great baking class, great host, great pastries” – February 21th 2014
We (2 adults and our 10 year old daughter) had a great morning with Severine learning the art of sweet and savoury choux pastry baking. Great facilities, class in English, would recommend to old and young alike and you get to eat and take home what you make! Not far from Sacre Coeur so can go sightseeing after a well earned cuppa. Thank you Severine.
Patrick, Southampton, UK

“Baking classes in English” – February 8th 2014
I totally recommend taking a class at patisserie a la carte if u r interested in learning something gourmet n authentic , the owner, chef Severine , she speaks so good English she makes u feel so much comfortable she is so calm , professional , goes down to the finest detail n by the end u will go home so pleased with the divine experience n the gourmet French desert that U created on ur own with her help n guidance , awesome experience , I will definitely take more classes next time iam in Paris . She has the place very well equipped n she tought me the so French Paris breast that was so easy to make yet so complex in the cream ingredients she does it the very old way n the taste was out of this world , thank u Severine for this amazing experience!
RahamToam, Le Caire, Egypt

“Perfect croissants at your finger tips” – December 7th 2013
Today was such a pleasure. Chef Severine was a delight to spend the day with. Skilled, articulate (in two languages) and a wicked sense of humour yet patient with my complete and utter lack of cooking skills – so bad that even the proper use of a rolling pin had to be demonstrated . It was a hands on experience. The morning focused upon that famous French classic of Croissant and it’s diversity, the afternoon (joined by another client) on pastry fillings to make delectable and highly calorific goodies, caramel custard and a sponge stack filled with flavours and tastes that delighted both the nose and the taste buds.
The premises were spotless – the sign of a good professional – but for me the most important thing to take away (as well as the end products) was the confidence to follow her recipes which will instantly bring back memories of Paris, and to know if I have issues with technique she has offered to assist by email.
Kay, New zealand

“Above all!!” – February 3rd 2014
When I travel, i always looking for the cooking or baking classes in there.
This time, i visited sveral times in Paris, so i plan to learn another things, then I found Choux Class in here.
Before class, actually I ate Paris brest, so I didn’t have a big dreamy imagine.
I already learn that time before to make bread class, and in my country, I learned also sourdough classes several times. Well, if you love a artisan baking, maybe just think like as for me, “Choux is not fascinating things”
Well, after the class, I realized all my idea is wrong.
Severin’s class is for you, who loves to bake, and want to make at your home,
she told so many tips when you go back your home, to make this again,
and very enough place to work, and ready for class was perfect!
And after the class, i shared my Choux, and Paris brest with my friend, who lived in Paris,
she said ” It’s the best!!”
Highly recommend for all of you, who loves to bake or not, just cause her Paris brest is the best not only in Paris but also over all the place.
I can tell it’s the best class I have ever had.
And thank you Severin.^^ !
Jongjoo, Seoul, South Korea

“Excellent séjour !!!” – January 24th 2014
Mon ami et moi avons pris une classe ici alors que nous étions à Paris lors d’un voyage d’école. Nous avons passé un excellent moment et Séverine était incroyable !!! Elle parlait très bien l’anglais et était amusant, énergiques et enthousiaste à propos de notre classe. Elle était incroyablement patient et nous a donné la meilleure expérience. Les desserts étaient absolument délicieux, et la classe dans son ensemble était l’un de mes souvenirs préférés de notre voyage. Je recommande vraiment pris ses classes, et j’ai l’intention de prendre un autre quand je reviendrai à Paris !
Hallie, Birmingham, Alabama

“Fun refreshing activity to sightseeing in Paris” – January 20th 2014
My sister and I took the morning choux pastry class from Séverine and it was an absolute blast. We showed up and ended up having a private class in a very well-equipped kitchen/teaching room. We got to do everything ourselves under close supervision. Thankful for the different options of how to fill the pastry we were offered. This activity was a very nice and fun activity to do, very different from the walking around just looking sightseeing that is most of Paris. Would definitely take another class again!!
Ellen, USA

“A wonderful half day activity in Paris” – January 15th 2014
My husband and I recently took a three hour class from Severin at Patisserie a la Carte, making croissants and pain au chocolat. We had a great time, Severin is the owner, a professional pastry chef, and her English is excellent. We laughed and had a wonderful morning with her, while learning to make the pastries. Severin demonstrates the technique, then the students follow her lead. We were thrilled with our pastries, they were delicious! The recipes are included, in English in our case, we walked out with a bag of more than a dozen pastries we had made ourselves, and perhaps most importantly, I am quite confident of replicating our success at home. Whether you are an accomplished cook or baker, or just looking for a unique way to enjoy Paris, you will enjoy this class. Recommend it very highly, and if you go, give Severin a hug from the Lipori’s!
Tamara, California, USA

“A wonderful morning of puff pastry!” – January 24th 2014
We had a fantastic morning making puff pastry with Chef Severine, who was a very patient, knowledgeable and good humored teacher. She is clearly very passionate about patisserie and it was fantastic to learn from someone who has trained and worked in some of the most prestigious institutions in Paris! This class would be great for beginners as well as those with some experience who are looking to expand their skills. It was also great value for money and we will definitely return for another class when next in Paris. Merci Severine!
Christine, Brisbane, Australia