Pastry Training Week

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Pastry Training Week in Paris in english
An original creation by Pâtisserie à la Carte

The art of French pastry is all about chemistry, techniques, tools and high quality recipes. In this course we will demystify the process, walking you through a step by step learning program for baking and creating perfect French pastries.

This 5 days course will provide an overview of the basic creams, doughs and traditional desserts : the mille-feuille, the Paris-Brest, charlotte entremet, croissants, macarons, bavaroise, meringue lemon tart and more.

It will be exploring the complexity and beauty of French pastry. It is all about understanding and mastering the fundamental techniques and tools you need to prepare all those amazing French pastries and desserts. It is designed for teaching you the hands-on “hows” and all-important “whys”.

In this course, you’ll build your understanding of the functions of baking ingredients and create basic preparations such as laminated dough, pastry cream, meringues, ganaches, and mousses. You’ll also develop professional pastry-making skills like assembling sponge cakes and tarts, making and piping pâte à choux for profiteroles and cream puffs, foaming and creaming…

What to expect :
Discover the chemistry behind the art. Learn the methods and high quality recipes, but also the science behind the pastry art.
. Understand why things turn out a certain way.
. A learn-by-doing approach. It is all about hands-on learning.
. Solid and extensive knowledge into the basics and fundamentals techniques of the French pastry.

Content :
Modern entremets and assembling techniques
Sponge cakes and biscuits
Tarts and classic French pastry doughs
Mastering creams, mousses and fillings
Macaron and ganaches
Choux puff pastry
Yeast doughs (croissants & brioches)
Laminated dough
A tour of the best baking and cooking utensils shops (Julia Child’s favorite one as well) and pastry shops in Paris

Who is the course for :
Pâtisserie à la Carte Paris « Classic French Pastries Training weeks » are designed for passionate about pastry and all those who want to consolidate their culinary expertise and become highly proficient in pastry. Our programs are designed to accommodate all levels of expertise. They are structured so that students can learn the techniques, step by step, to become accomplished pastry cook. Our only pre-requisite is a passion for pastry and a willingness to learn. If you enjoy baking and want to enhance your skills, join us.

Practical informations :
. Toolkits (pastry tips, whisks, spatulas…) aprons and dishtowels will be provided
. 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM each day
. Recipe booklet provided
. A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the training
. Courses taught in English
. Participants must be over 18 years of age to register.
. Only 4 students per class

. 5 days : 1590€

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